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    Your opinion is important to us and we are keen to hear your suggestions. With your permission, we would be delighted to add your comments to the ‚Customer Feedback‘ section of our website. Please use the ‚comment‘ section below to let us know your thoughts:

  2. Family Kroll / Held – Grundschule an der alten Feuerwache

    “Our daughter loves to go to English and tells us lots of things at home. She even knows songs on the radio, when they are in English. The English lessons were very varied and I was amazed that the children were able to concentrate for so long, although the lessons were in the afternoon. We highly recommend these English lessons. Many thanks for all your hard work.”

  3. A. Rumler – Kita Orgelpfeifen

    “I really enjoyed the English lesson. It was lovely to see how the teacher used fun and games to teach the children, whilst maintaining discipline levels and patience throughout. The children are clearly encouraged to participate and learn.”

  4. A.Hille – Umweltschule am Falkplatz

    “… I have just come from my son’s English class in Umweltschule am Falkplatz and would like to pay a huge compliment to the teacher Allison. She teaches with such impressive energy and her positive attitude really motivated the whole group! Despite my son having a long and challenging day at school every Thursday he will not forgo his English class. I think this speaks for the concept and the teacher more so than anything else …”

  5. S.Fiege – Kita Habersaathstraße

    “It was great to witness the progress the children had made and how much they have learned. The teacher had a very pleasant way of dealing with children.”

  6. Hilde Winkler, Berlin

    “Dear Team Sprachcenter Mouroum, … Jonathan now knows so many English words, phrases and songs, I’m really impressed! It has opened a whole new linguistic world to him which he teaches to our family circle, with much encouragement. The English lesson with Ian is something he looks forward to week after week: singing, playing and jumping whilst learning English! Kudos to Ian: it is also his personality and his way with five-year-olds that Jonathan loves!”

  7. R. Barber – Kita Rappelkiste

    “I had the opportunity to watch my child’s English lesson and I want to take the opportunity to inform you that I was very pleasantly surprised and would like to hereby express my praise to the young English teacher. He has really done a great job!”

  8. Kathleen. B. – Kita Wirsi-Kids

    “If I hadn’t have seen it with my own eyes and ears, I wouldn’t have believed that there are teachers who are so perfect for their job!! I cannot compliment the class enough! Benjamin’s teacher achieves a lot in 45 mins: she is fair, super friendly and motivated when teaching. And of course has a very good concept and teaching material.”

  9. R.E – Kita Maria Magdalena

    “Us parents accepted your invitation and had the opportunity to attend the lesson and watch. I must say that the teacher, Bianca, presented a great lesson. She was extremely friendly, highly motivated and very likeable. I really, really enjoyed it. Also, other parents who I have spoken to as head of the Parents Association fully agree. Thank you for your commitment and please can you send the feedback to Ms. Bianca, because ultimately education always stands or falls with the responsible with nursery nurse and teachers – in this case it’s a massive compliment – she is great!”

  10. Frau Dietrich / Kitaleitung – Kita Mäusevilla

    “I am pleased with the English lessons in Michel-Klinitz-Weg. The cooperation with Sprachcenter Mouroum has run very smoothly.”

  11. Thomas M. – Kita St.Rita

    “My son looks forward to the English lessons with Dan. He learns a lot. He also has a lot of fun there.”

  12. Belayneh A. – Kita Regenbogenland

    “Aklil has told us that she has a lot of fun in Jeremy’s lesson. She practices diligently at home and we are very pleased.”

  13. Frau Häcker / Kitaleitung – Evangelische Kindertagesstätte Arche

    The cooperation with Sprachcenter Mouroum is super. I look forward to continuing the good working partnership.

  14. Frau Bahr / Kitaleitung – Kita Deutscher Bundestag

    “We have worked in cooperation with you company for many years and continue to be very satisfied with your work.”

  15. Frau Ehnert / Kitaleitung – Kindergarten Zwergenwiese / Fröbel Kita

    “Your employees are very competent and are affectionate with the children, which is always a pleasure to witness.”

  16. Frau Brickl-Schmidt / Stellvertretende Schulleiterin – Wetzlar Grundschule

    We are satisfied with the English lessons in our school. The cooperation with Sprachcenter Mouroum has always run very smoothly.

  17. Frau Kroll – Kita St.Joseph

    “We are very happy with the English lessons in Kita St. Joseph. The cooperation between Sprachcenter and us has been super.”

  18. Frau Ivers / Kitaleitung – Kita Salabanda

    The children have fun and tell us what they have done in English. We look forward to working with you further.

  19. Frau Meurer / Kitaleitung – Kita Paulus

    “We are very satisfied with English lessons in Kita Paulus. Your employees are always very friendly and happy to take the children and have them take part in an English lesson.”

  20. Frau Winkelmann / Kita Leitung – Kita Buckower Spatzen

    The children have a lot fun during the lessons. The teacher is very reliable and always collects the children and brings them back on time.

  21. Frau Wünsche / Kitaleitung – Kita Wirbelwind

    “The Kindergarten is pleased with the English lessons. The children love to go English with Gavin.”

  22. Frau Liedemit / Kitaleitung – Kleine Strolche

    “We have successfully worked with Sprachcenter Mouroum for years.”

  23. Frau Mayn / Kitaleitung – Kita Buntstift

    We have worked with Sprachcenter Mouroum for several years and are satisfied with the English lessons in our Kindergarten. The children always look forward to English with Philip.

  24. Frau Ziedler / Kitaleitung – Kita Knirpsenland

    Along with the parents we are very pleased with the English lessons in Kita Knirpsenland. The children look forward to the English lessons with Dan.

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