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Hand in hand with Kitas and schools, English for children taught with heart and understanding.

Experienced and competent since 1990.

Early years second language aquisition and tuition.





Sylke Mouroum Experience, professional expertise and dedication are the pillars of our work at Sprachcenter Mouroum. In her 30 years teaching foreign languages to children in Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, Frau Mouroum, (a qualified English teacher and founder of Sprachcenter Mouroum), has experienced a wide range of educational methods and theoretical concepts. The most suitable of which by far is the interactive concept for language learning, and is thus the basis of our curriculum here at Sprachcenter Mouroum (SCM). In-keeping with this methodology, our native English-speaking teachers are fully trained and qualified according to our paedogogical principles and are well-versed in the fundamentals of second language acquisition at both Kindergarten and school ages. Our course leaders use their lessons to awaken the children‘s curiosity and excitement for the English language through games, reading and understanding stories, singing songs and dancing: all of which is conducted in English. This allows the pupils to not only discover new facts about children in other countries, but means they can also identify similiarities with themselves. Along with promoting cultural comptencies, our approach enables us to contribute to the development of an open, humanist mindset. Our methodology and curriculum mean that our English classes are always directly related to the children’s immediate environment. Additionally, our teachers know that they can only maintain the children’s attention and concentration levels if their lessons are fun, varied and enjoyable. This is achieved through the use of movement-based activities, and the incorporation of music, rhythm and instruments, as well as group and partner –oriented tasks. Numerous interesting illustrated stories (Story Approach), songs, movement games, images, musical instruments, hand puppets and other self-developed primary resources allow us to create lively and activity-based English classes. Our methodology engages the children on a multi-sensory level, thereby contributing to the overall learning process. Through routines, role plays and other real-life situations the children develop their confidence to converse and communicate in a foreign language. No child is ever forced to speak during class, but is given the time he or she needs to process the linguistic information. Methods such as TPR (Total Physical Reposnse), where words are learned alongside gestures, actions and speech, are particularly useful in second language acquisition and are thus present in our classes, too. Such concepts enable children to focus on the non-verbal aspects of communication. In doing so, their abilitiy to comprehend the foreign language increases and they are able to react positively, without the fear of making mistakes. This playful introduction to a second language is particularly successful for young learners. During childhood, our brains are programmed to learn our native language, allowing us to quickly develop a feel for the melodies, rhythms, articulation and intonation of all spoken language. During play, children are constantly exposed to new linguistic structures and their joy and enthusiasm for using and creating language can be witnessed as they interact with one another. In our increasingly globalised world, gaining an understanding of foreign languages is ever-more important. We ensure that our early-years language teaching is always playful and child-friendly , whilst taking the principles of the Berlin educational programme into account. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.


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